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Wind Spirit Welsh Pony Ranch

Pony's for sale

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Sometimes we have pony's for sale.Here is where i will list them

A 9yo Section B Welsh Pony Mare
She is well trained to voice and lunges,ties,trailers,rides and is fairly easy going.She is still aproject pony as she needs a bit more handling than a biginner bu is a fantastic ride and a great brood mare.
I have her fr sale at $1,800.She is at the trainers geting a tune up and more training and when sh returns her price will be reaviluated.
So to get a pony of this grade contact me as se is up to date on all hots and coggins and is readt to go to show.


Here is Wind Spirit MOJO
Section B
Wendy is a filly foal out of FlyingDiamong the Bailef and GF Blue Jean
She is so perfect and correct.A wonderfull little girl with a fantastic persionality.She is a pocket pony and is trained to tye,lead,trailer,and halter.She is now 2 and ready to go to the next stage.
She is listed at $5,000-She has the breeding behind her and the looks to go the distance.Come let her become you next DREAM PONY


You will be hard to find a pony this well built and well trained as well as bring a great foaler and brood mare.She is a easy Keeper and a good pony.

Pony's for ever age every need.Pony's for sale occasionaly